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Refuse/Recycling Division

Refuse/Recycling Division Announcements
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Automated trash collection program  

The City of East Providence Dept. of Public Works is pleased to announce the rollout of an automated trash collection program. The program, which utilizes 95-gallon trash carts, will begin August 3, 2020.

Beginning August 3, residents may place their new automated trash carts out for pick up. All trash bags must be placed in the cart provided to residents. Any items placed outside of the trash cart will NOT be collected.

Residents are asked to place their trash carts curbside any time after 3 p.m. on the evening before their regularly scheduled trash day. Trash carts should be placed at the curb with wheels and handle toward the curb or home and approximately 3 feet apart from yard waste barrels and recycling carts.

Residents requiring an additional trash cart may purchase a 65 gallon cart by mailing a $40 check made payable to City of East Providence/DPW. Please include address for trash cart drop off and a contact phone number on check. A check may be mailed to City of East Providence/DPW, Office of Rubbish and Recycling, 145 Taunton Ave. East Providence, RI 02914. Checks may also be placed in the City Hall drop box located on the Grove Avenue side of City Hall. Supply is limited.

Residents requiring bulky item pickup must contact the Department of Public Works office of Rubbish & Recycling at 401-435-7701 to schedule a pickup. The items will be collected every Friday but only one bulky item per week, per household, once scheduled items can be placed at the curb after 3 p.m. on Thursday before collection. Deadline to schedule a bulky pickup is Thursday at noon time for Friday's pickup.

Bulky items not scheduled for pickup set out before 3 p.m. the day before collection or trash piled at the curb may result in a fine of $50 per day.

Old trash barrels can be repurposed and used for yard waste or brought to the Public Works Complex at 60 Commercial Way to be recycled. Old trash carts similar to the carts the city delivered can be inspected and if approved can be labeled with the City seal for use for extra trash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automated Collection?

Automated collection is a proven and efficient method of residential solid waste collection used by more and more municipalities as an effective option to manual collection. Each household is provided with a 95-gallon cart which will hold as much as three typical garbage cans. The garbage trucks are similar to the current recycling trucks where the container is lifted and emptied with a mechanical arm.

Why is the City changing to Automated Collection?

The gray trash containers with the City seal will be uniform and will contribute to a neat neighborhood appearance on collection day. The closed containers will greatly reduce rodent and insect problems as well as cut down on litter and odors. Automated collection will increase efficiency of refuse collection and improve worker safety.

What should I do with my old trash barrels?

Old trash containers can be used around the house for other storage needs or for yard waste collection. If you do not wish to keep your old trash container, metal and plastic trash containers can be brought to the DPW Facility at 60 Commercial Way to be recycled.

Please do not place metal and/or plastic trash containers in your trash or recycling carts for disposal.

Is my garbage and recycle day changing?

NO - your trash day and recycle collection will remain the same. Please have your trash and recyclables out at 6:00 am on your day of collection.

Is there a change to yard waste collection?

NO – Yard waste will continue to be picked up on your regular trash day. Do not place yard waste into the new trash container. Yard waste will continue to be picked up in yard waste bags or containers marked with a green yard waste sticker (available at no charge at the DPW Facility).

When should I put the cart out?

Your cart must be at the curb by 6:00 am on your trash day. After your cart is emptied, remove it from the curb that day. The Automated Collection Program will start the week of August 3rd.

Where should I put my cart?

Carts must be placed at least three feet from obstacles such as utility poles, mailboxes, trees and parked cars. Carts should be as close to the curb as possible but no further than six feet away from the curb edge. Make sure the container handle faces away from the street toward your home.

When is the program going to start?

The City’s Contractor will begin automated collection starting August 3rd. All residents will begin automated collection that week on your regular scheduled collection day.

When and how will bins be distributed?

Distribution will be done during the month of July and it should take several weeks to distribute over 17,000 carts to each household in the City.

What can I put in the cart for trash collection?

Only bagged household trash can be put in your container. Do not place recyclable materials, construction refuse, demolition refuse or hazardous materials in your cart.

Can I use another container?

The City will be providing a trash container to every household. If you have a container that is similar to the one provided by the City that you would like to use, we will inspect it and provide you with a sticker so that is an approved container to be used for trash pickup. Please note that trash left outside the carts will not be collected.

Do I need to bag my trash?

YES- it is strongly recommended that all trash be bagged before it is put in the roll cart. Bagging helps keep the cart clean and reduces wind-blown litter during collection.

Will a 95-gallon cart be large enough for my trash?

One 95-gallon cart holds the equivalent of three average garbage containers or 7 (13 gallon kitchen waste bags). Proper recycling helps reduce the volume of garbage.

Can I get an additional trash cart?

Additional carts will be available at the current price of $45 (City’s cost). However, we ask you that recycle as much materials as possible to avoid the purchase of an additional container.

Can I get a smaller cart?

We will have limited number of 65 gallon trash containers for those that don’t generate a large amount of trash or physically are unable to maneuver the 95 gallon container.

How will large items that cannot fit in the cart be collected such as furniture?

A separate weekly collection will be performed for certain large items of waste defined as Bulky Wastes. These items for separate collection include, but are not limited to the following: Furniture and other large household items which cannot be broken down, but does not include construction refuse, demolition refuse or hazardous wastes. Please call DPW at 435-7701 for pickup.

What if my cart gets damaged or stolen?

The carts are the property of the City of East Providence and each one is assigned an address and a serial number. If the collection truck causes the damage or a result of normal wear, the City will replace the cart at no charge to you. Damage resulting from negligence or abuse by the resident will be the responsibility of the resident. All reports of damage or theft will be investigated and should be reported to the Police Department and Public Works Department. Upon verification by the Police Department, stolen carts will be replaced at no charge to the resident.

If I move, do I take the cart with me?

The cart is the property of the City of East Providence and is assigned to each street address by means of a unique serial number. If you move, please leave the cart at your home. Please do not write house numbers or put any other markings on the carts.

Extra carts were left at my multifamily house even though I do not rent out any of the units. What do I do with the extra carts?

All carts were distributed based on data on file with the Assessor’s Department. If you do not need the additional carts please call the Public Works Department at 435-7701 and the extra carts will be picked up. A cart will be returned to you should you need it in the future.


How Do I Dispose Of.....?

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 About the Refuse and Recycling Division

The Refuse/Recycling contact person is responsible for the oversight of all residential rubbish, recycling, yard debris, and appliance collection programs.  The Division manages the Forbes Street Compost Site and the automotive motor oil and antifreeze collection program located at the Public Works Garage on Commercial Way with the assistance of Highway personnel.  This division organizes and oversees litter prevention and collection programs including Earth Day events in the spring and the Shoreline Cleanup in the fall. 

The Division is responsible for the oversight of rubbish and recycling collection contracts for all School Department facilities, upon request provides components for education curriculum, classroom presentations, and field trips.

The Refuse/Recycling Division is part of the Department of Public Works and has an office at Municipal Garage located at 60 Commercial Way.

“Let’s Recycle RIght! To learn what’s recyclable in your blue recycling cart, check out Resource Recovery’s website”

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No Recycling Bins / No Trash Collection!

If your recycling cart is not at the curb on recycling weeks rubbish will not be collected. Leave recycling bins at the curb until trash has been collected.

Recycling Saves Tax Dollars!  Please do your part.

Rechargeable Batteries, Compact Florescent Lights, plastic shopping bags, and cell phones are recyclable at your local Lowe's Home Improvement Store.  Click on the link for more information.

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Contact Information

Donna McMahon

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